Samoan Natives in the Hurricane of 1889.

Samoa Resident's Stories

A number of Samoan Natives and other Apia residents were present at the time of the storm. I have not been able to find out much about them, but there are some data available on the web or in contemporary publications, and in Kimberly's "Special Report" dated April 16th, 1889.

This page of my site is intended to make sure that their names are not forgotten. I am sure that there were many more residents who helped during the storm, and whose names were never recorded or have since been lost. If there are any visitors to the site who have information about someone who was there, either listed on this page or not, please let me know the details, and I'll include them here.

The Samoan names are spelt as per the various sources, but I am afraid that some may have been incorrectly recorded.

The names underlined are links to images of the individual, where I have found them. The other links are web-sites which carry some data about the particular man. It may be very brief, and may be deeply hidden so you might need to use your browser's "search" or "find" facility with his name.

Foreign Residents
W. BlacklockU.S. Vice-ConsulSurvivedData and Message Boards
H. de CoetlogonBritish Vice-ConsulSurvivedObituary
Dr. KnappeGerman Vice-ConsulSurvivedWikipedia
J. P. DunningAssociated Press Corres-pondentSurvivedWikipedia and Magazine Article
Charles Fruean Snr. SurvivedData and Kimberly Report
H. J. Moore (Moors)Plantation Owner & AuthorSurvivedNewspaper, Kimberly Report and Descendants
Anthony OrmsbyTrader from TuituilaDrownedFamily Web-site
Peter Paul SurvivedData
J. S. Pike SurvivedKimberly Report
Albert Vicking SurvivedKimberly Report
Unknown, an "old man"Hawaiian Mate from LilyDrownedNewspaper Report

Samoa Natives
Alo SurvivedKimberly Letter
AnapuSon of SeumanuSurvivedKimberly Letter
Apiti SurvivedKimberly Letter and Kimberly Report
Auvaa SurvivedKimberly Report
Fanala SurvivedKimberly Report
Folau SurvivedKimberly Report
Charles Fruean Jnr. SurvivedData and Kimberly Report
Fuapopo SurvivedKimberly Letter
William Hunkin SurvivedKimberly Report
Ionia SurvivedKimberly Letter
Malietoa MataafaChief of ApiaSurvivedWikipedia
ManonoChiefSurvivedKimberly Letter
Mose SurvivedKimberly Letter
Muniaiiuaga (Muniaiga)Known as "Jack"SurvivedKimberly Letter and Kimberly Report
Neamea SurvivedKimberly Report
Paniola SurvivedKimberly Report
Papalii SurvivedKimberly Report
Pita SurvivedKimberly Letter
Salu Anae SurvivedMagazine Article
Selu Leauanae SurvivedKimberly Report
Seumanu TafaChief of ApiaSurvivedData, Kimberly Letter and Kimberly Report
Sigito SurvivedKimberly Report
Sofa SurvivedKimberly Report
Taupau SurvivedKimberly Report
Tatopan SurvivedKimberly Letter and Kimberly Report
Tete SurvivedKimberly Letter
Teoteo SurvivedKimberly Report
Tepu SurvivedKimberly Letter
Toga SurvivedKimberly Report
Tualagi (Tuilagi?) SurvivedKimberly Report
Tui KilledMagazine Article