Tempsford Mustang 42-106448

Location: Tempsford, Date 14th February 1945.

F/O T.W. Kiley

A P51-D Mustang 42-106448 from 383 squadron (364 Fighter Group) crashed after a collision with a Stirling near the hall killing itís pilot.

P51 Mustang

It seems there was a mock dog fight in the area of Tempsford Airfield whilst a Stirling was landing at the base and the Mustang pilot lost control causing a collision. The pilot may have baled out in time, but too low for his parachute to open fully.

There was a dummy target practice bomb found nearby (approx 100m) in the early 1970s.

Details obtained from Aircraft lost on Allied Forceís Special Duty Operations & Associated Roll of Honour page 481.

Pilot Thomas W. Kiley is buried at Madingley American Cemetery in Cambridgeshire, click on his name at the top of this page to see his memorial. Click on the "photos" tab to see a larger image.

It should be noted that there is some confusion over whether it was this Mustang that hit a nearby cottage, killing its occupant, or one of two other planes entirely, Halifax LK743 or Mosquito HX972. There is some suggestions on the internet that either of the three planes was involved. I believe it to have most probably been the Mosquito. It is thought this Mustang actually crashed near Sandy Railway Station.

There is some interesting information about the plane itself.